Opening Elegance

If you have never been to an art opening, you should go (PGH, LA). Don't be intimidated if you are not an art connoisseur. Be fearless because once you arrive, art openings are incredibly engaging and fun. It takes courage to try new things. Even if you don’t like the art, it gets you out of the house and thinking about what you DO like. Additionally, the fashion at these sorts of events usually runs across the board which makes for some great people watching! Expect to see a range of people from un-showered hipsters with tattered flannel shirts, bourgeois collectors with big glasses and bold designer clothes, to young families toting toddlers. Not to mention, the artists will arrive wearing whatever wild wardrobe they have curated for the evening. If there is a good turn out, the energy and creativity is palpable.

Elegance with Lu Curates

At a recent Pittsburgh Biennial opening, I decided to go with a classic black dress. My favorite part of the dress was the subtle high collar. I chose to pair it with ruffled heels. Shoes are so much fun. They are a great way to make a basic style look more expressive without having to buy a whole new dress. At the top, is an inspiration board that I put together to highlight the look I was going for. Red lipstick is one of my go-tos especially when wearing all black. Be careful, sometimes ruffles can go awry (think theater costumes and super poofy wedding dresses). On the other hand, when used as a compliment to a classic look they really can rock.  

If you plan on attending any upcoming openings, have fun with your wardrobe. Stick to the basics like I did, or get funky, but remember to raise the bar above your usual casual wear. This is an event showcasing someone's work and livelihood, it is respectful (and fun!) to pull out the dressier items in your closet.  

Have any funny experiences or fashion tips for attending art openings?