Roasted Tomatoes + Polenta

Now that I'm back to being a Vegetarian, I'm experimenting with different dishes. I'm still not going for supreme culinary excellence here. The perfect food venture for me is quick and easy, with a touch of class.

Hence, I whipped up some Roasted Tomatoes + Cheesy Polenta.


The polenta was more difficult than I expected. I used the recipe on the back of the box. I threw in shredded mozzarella and sharp provolone. Adding along with it, rosemary from the garden and a couple pinches of sage. The trick with polenta is to not overcook it. Error on the side of undercooking it. The pot will continue cooking the polenta once you take it off the burner. 

I spread the polenta across a glass baking pan greased with olive oil and placed it in the frig for 30 mins. Once it was solid, I cut it into large squares and pan fried them. I love that fried crispy cheese taste.  The touch of class was adding specialty items, like nice cheese and fresh herbs, to what would be a basic recipe. This is the sort of detail that is easy to pull off and impressive to dinner mates.

The tomatoes were pretty easy. On a cookie sheet, I dressed onions, baby and sliced tomatoes, in olive oil, salt, pepper, chopped basil with a splash of balsamic. I let it bake for 30-40 mins at 450 degrees and wah la! 

Roasted Tomatos

After the polenta was done frying and the tomatoes done roasting. I plated them then poured two glasses of wine for a lovely dinner in.

The finished product: Roasted Tomatoes and Polenta

Have any good vegetarian recipes to share? Feel free to comment below!