Travel Bits

Being on the road meant I needed a lot of quick fixes and easy going wears. Here are some of my fun travel picks. 

I discovered the beauty of disposable face wipes after they showed up in my christmas stocking. Some of them leave behind an extra layer of dew after use. This probably will bother people who have naturally oily skin more so then folks like me, who tend to run on the on dryer end of things. I recommend testing them out. They came in handy when I was staying in hotels or with guy friends. Dudes never have good bathroom products.

At first, I was not into the eos chapstick. I found it kind of awkward and not as effective as traditional chapsticks. However, I'm cheap, so when I'm gifted something, I usually try to use it before buying what I like. In the end they grew on me. They're easy to find in my bag, kind of cute when you whip them out in public and once your lips get use to them the dryer application isn't an issue. 

Converse and cool kicks rock! They are so easy to wear and you need comfortable and reliable shoes when you travel, it's just a fact. 

On a last note, since I was staying with a lot of people I often was handed an extra set of keys. Sometime loose. As a rule my Mom always says never to let a loose key stay that way because you'll end up losing it.