Style Board: R+M Home Tour

First, I have to say thanks to Next Pittsburgh and all the support I recieved from my recent home tour of Ryan Lammie and Maddison Fyffe’s brickstone in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Lawrenceville. I hope to be doing more of these home tours while travelling.

I was inspired by R+M’s art collection and especially their furniture. I loved the style of their mid-century modern cabinets and eloquent seating options. 

Style Board Finds:

Baxton Studio Lia White Tufted Faux Leather Arm Chair with Eiffel Base

Stratham Mid-Century Modern Club Chair

Mid-Century Media Console - Large (Acorn)

Three Hands Ceramic Vase, Green

Stanford Table Lamp

Turn Table (similar)

Recently, I find myself appreciating creature comforts, like say a couch. Before I left Pittsburgh I was on this minimalist kick. I watched Tiny the netflix documentary and spent a good 3 months, daydreaming of a simpler, cleaner life. Then my relationship went through some hurdles and I found myself spending a lot of time at my studio apartment.

My studio was small but cute. In my minimalism I decided NOT to get internet at my apartment, instead tethering it in an attempt to be more mindful of its use. I’ve never really owned a TV and my furniture consisted of two chairs I found on the street.

My shower, was the size I imagine these tiny house goers are living with…. so small the only way to stretch is up. It didn't help that I had to stand on my tippy toes so the water didn’t drown me as it pounded my face every morning. Shaving my legs was nearly impossible.

I found myself reading, writing, meeting up in the city and cleaning a lot. That was great for about three weeks. Then after being almost overly independent, all wanted to do was crawl onto a couch with a pint of ice cream and nurse my broken heart. That’s when I realized that I could never live in a tiny tiny house as a permanent lifestyle choice.

But since I'm living nomadically, on couches and in the spare bedrooms of others, above is a collage of my  time spent daydreaming, gathering inspiration for my next apartment. Which will be minimal but full of creature comforts... because, those things are important too.