Sustainable Moves

For the last year we have been hosting our late night shop hour on Twitter every Monday - Thursday at 9pm PST with #ShopLu. After creating the Sustainable Fashion Facebook group we began to ask ourselves how we can further align our programming with our commitment to living well curated lives. We are happy to say that from now on all #ShopLu mentions will be brands who have incorporated sustainable practices into their business models. 


This change stems from a commitment to living consciously. After attending a viewing party of True Costs in Sacramento. I felt moved to give people more access to quality brands with strong voices and sometime little reach.  Behind most sustainable brands are genius artists, activists and communities starting a conversation we want to be a part of.

To kick everything off here are this week’s Sustainable Finds:    

Fibre Athletics

Amour Vert means Green Love in french but it also means American Jobs, non toxic dyes, sensuous fabrics and innovative techniques and above all enduring style. offers the fashion world a fresh contemporary line, but also to develop ethical, sustainable and affordable products where there were none.

Freedom Of Animals

A sustainable and cruelty-free luxury bag line.  Founded in 2013, our mission is to provide our customers with distinct and purposeful designs that comply with ethical practices. Marrying form, function and style – Freedom of Animals is about creating affordable luxury with sustainability as our platform.

The Lost Lanes

Passions for a sustainable and fair future. We love offbeat ideas that inspire people to go out and get creative, bringing important issues to light and using art as a means to raise awareness. founded by husband and wife team Michael and Raquel a creative duo intent on ethical manufacturing in order to challenge fast fashion and disrupt the high street in the process.


Environmentally sensitive fabrics and practices are utilized whenever possible and we continue to research ways to reduce our impact while maintaining the integrity of our designs.