What I Wore This Weekend

If you've been following me on instagram you may have noticed an influx of snowboarding pictures.  Dominic and I have been spending our weekends near Tahoe... I seriously don't think I can complain about anything for at least a week!

In preparing for the holiday weekend I needed to plan cute, yet lounge and snowboard worthy outfits. On this particular trip, I knew I would be meeting and staying with a lot of new faces and friends. SO, I snuck in a little pre-cabin shopping trip. I wanted to make sure I had cute pajamas, house clothes and an arsenal of stretchy pants for under my snowboard gear! 

On my hunt I picked up one of Dogeared's adorable little necklaces. They are both versatile and delicate, giving a touch a elegance to the simplest of looks i.e. making a plaid PJ dress look chic. What's nice about the look above is you get three looks from it, either by wearing the tops as separates or layering them.  

We ended up getting snowed in the second night and extending our trip by a day which meant I finished the weekend in a layered hodgepodge of my favorite pieces (simply the best)!