When I lived in Pittsburgh, the differences in food was a major culture shock. Being from California, I grew up blissfully unaware of how easy it is for West Coasters to have access to fresh fruits and veggies year round. The food culture of California is eccentric compared to, say, the 'meat and potatoes standard' of the mid-west. 

One day sitting in the endless rows of cubicles at FedEx Ground I overheard two co-workers catching up.

"Hey how was your trip to California? Where were you again?" said a woman's voice.  My ears perked up. I basically turned into an eager puppy every-time I heard the slightest mention of California. 

"We were in San Diego," said a male voice. "The weather was great! But you know, it was hard to find a good breakfast place... We ended up eating at Denny's every morning. All I wanted was regular eggs and bacon. Everything seemed to have ASIAGO cheese on it."

My heart sunk, I loved asiago cheese.

The reason I'm sharing this story is one because I think it's funny. And two, because I think it's important we remember that even Americans hold very strong cultural differences in everything from the food they eat to the way they speak english. I find this incredibly interesting. While Pittsburghers, may like good ole' dinner food for breakfast they too have wonderful mix of menu items which are highly influenced by tradition and Eastern European practices.  

With that being said, above is a Pinterest board I've dedicated to morning foods and recipes. All I have in there right now are a bunch of hippy-dippy most-likely-to-be-loved by Californians recipes. What can I say? I'm the product of my surroundings. But what I would love, is to have a board full of inspiration and multicultural influences. This is where you guys come in. Leave a link to your Pinterest account in the comments and I'll add you as a contributor to my board. 

Who knows? In a month, I bet we can have a diverse selection, community curated boards for all of us to cook from.