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I realize I need to get some curation and art up on this blog. Here’s what caught my eye in the news lately… You can also like Lu Curates on Facebook to find out more.

Here is a great review of local artist Dee Briggs and the House of Gold Project in the Trib.

“Briggs wants to use salvaged materials to build a small, neighborhood coffee shop. She will incorporate items into her artwork, including thousands of hand-made nails holding the house together.”

Art Articulate is a new online arts publication in Pittsburgh. I found this article by Casey Droegs to be very inspiring. Get to it, all you Pittsburgh artists!

“This place where people are willing to take the time to talk with you, share resources, and support new ventures. The generosity and accessibility are truly unique.

This creative community raised me and I’ve spent much of my adult life trying to give back. To me that means contributing events and programming that serve my own interests while creating opportunities for others. This city’s cleaning up real nice, but sometimes it feels like we’ve got a little slaw in our teeth. And now that we think everyone’s talking about us, our insecurities are magnified. I certainly believe we have the people and the tools to create the kind of cultural landscape we want and need. It’s just going to involve some heavy lifting.”

Manhattan’s Linda Dresner moved to a suburb outside of Detroit and built the home of her dreams. Her minimalist style might be upsetting the neighbors but I think her house is design forward and out of this world. 

“It isn't the first time that Dresner, who has a throaty no-nonsense voice that puts one in mind of Cher, has been what might be called an aesthetic maverick. Her name is hallowed by generations of adventurous dressers. For 25 years, she owned an eponymous fashion boutique on Park Avenue in Manhattan, along with a shop in Michigan, still in operation not far from her home in Birmingham”

I loved the style so much I had to post two images for this one! 

I loved the style so much I had to post two images for this one! 

Davis Lynch opens his first museum show as a visual artist this month.

“David changed the way that we think about visual culture in the United States through his movies,” Mr. Littman said. “You may or may not like his visual artwork, but it’s definitely worth looking at.”

Any interesting art news catching your eye? Please share in the comments below.