Last minute gifts for her!

While traveling I haven't spent too much time thinking about Christmas. I wanted to throw some of these ideas out there for any of you last minute shoppers. 

Dogeared Necklaces - These beautifully handcrafted pieces from Southern California bring so much cheer and joy just at first glance. There wonderfully delicate and can be worn both out and at the office. 

Lettered Necklace - There is something very beautiful about small necklaces. One year my best friend Clare got her sisters and I all letter necklaces with our first initial on it. It was the sweetest gift and every time I wear mine I think of the love that surrounds us. 

The above necklaces are on the pricier end of things, for a cheaper alternative check out etsy.

Stacked Rings - I just can't seem to get enough of rose gold this season. 

Nars Make-Up - I have finally reached the point where I'm ready to toss out my old cheap make-up. I'm tired of the oily glove my foundation leaves on my hand, when my eyeliner slips off my bottom lid or when my red lipstick wares in a way that makes my mouth look like I drank a bunch of punch flavored cool-aid. 

Because of that I want to make sure that I'm gifting high quality and well respected make-up to my friends and family. 

Birtchbox SubscriptionI gifted this to one of my sisters for her birthday. She said she loved it because it was the gift that just kept giving. 

Cool Hats - Hat collections are a thing, why not make one lovely lady in your life happy by helping her start her own.

Socks + Tights - There is no such thing as too many tights and/ or socks.